Kettle Bell Virtuosity Seminar– CrossFit Coach Kyle Roddy

Kettle Bell Virtuosity – Strength and Fitness with CrossFit Coach Kyle Roddy

Come learn and master the basics of one of the most dynamic and fun strength apparatus with CrossFit Level I, Level II and Kettle Bell Certified Coach Kyle Roddy! From proper handling for safe training to intricate details on everything from swings, and snatches to jerks and Turkish get ups come get some new tips on better KB training!

No previous KB Training is required for this seminar. This seminar is open to non-crossfitters! CMAA parents are welcome to register!

Movements will include: 

Russian Swing
Power Swing
American Swing
Swing Release (two hands)
One-Arm Swing
Half Rotation Switch
H2H Swing
Floor Press
Arm-Bar Stretch
Tactical Turkish Get-up
Dead Clean
One-Arm Clean
Bottoms-up Clean
Double KB Clean
Front Squat
Overhead press
Military Press
Push Press

Seminar: Kettle Bell Technique for Strength and Fitness with Coach Kyle Roddy
Date: Sunday, September 21.

Time: 10am-12pm.

Cost: $40 (if registered by Sept. 15th), $50 (if registered by Sept 19th).

Limit: 8 -12 person (min/max).

Members please register through PM via Facebook, or Email us at to register! Non-Members please call (518)755-7512.


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