What is Crossfit?


What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an extremely efficient and effective way to get into world-class shape.

Our workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements (like pushups and pullups, deadlifts and squats, gymnastics, kettlebells, running, rowing, and olympic lifting), executed at high intensity in a group setting.

Essentially a fun, friendly, yet high-intensity boot camp with weights.

CrossFit is for anyone, regardless of their age or fitness level. Members range from professional athletes and members of the FBI SWAT Team to grandfathers in their mid-seventies and desk jockeys with barely enough hand-eye coordination to use a mouse.

In short, if you care about health, real-world performance, or just want to look better naked, CrossFit is for you.

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*Note the CrossFit Introductory Course is mandatory for anyone interested in being a part of the Latham CrossFit program.

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Why Latham CrossFit?


Coaches with Real Experience

Virtuosity is defined as the mastery of the fundamentals. Our coaches have years of experience, mastering proper technique to pass onto you.

Crossfit Jumps

Our workouts aren’t watered down.

Even though the WOD may look difficult or nearly impossible to the mere mortal, every workout is scalable to your abilities.


Great facilities and equipment.

Brand new equipment, clean facility, great location, enough said.

Group Crossfit

More than a gym,
we are Latham Crossfit.

You’re joining more than a gym, you’re joining a community that will kick your ass, pick it back up, and push you to your best.

Our Approach

I am a fitness trainer. My practice is more than just a job; it is my passion. My clients are my top priority and their successes are my life’s work–I am a professional. On the surface, my job is to shepherd my athletes (I view all my clients as athletes regardless of their age or ability) toward physical prowess, but I recognize a purpose to my efforts and an impact on my athletes that transcends the physical. I view training as a physical metaphor for habits and attitudes that foster success in all arenas. I stress that point to all who train with me and I know I’ve been successful only after they bring back concrete examples.
The lessons learned through physical training are unavoidable. The character traits required and developed through physical training are universally applicable to all endeavors. Perseverance, industry, sacrifice, self-control, integrity, honesty, and commitment are best and easiest learned in the gym. Even clients who have found spectacular success in business, sport, war, or love find their most important values buttressed, refined, and nourished in rigorous training.
Being a professional, I believe that my competency is solely determined by my efficacy. My methods must be second to none. Accordingly, fitness trends and fashions are distractions, not attractions. To the extent that my methods are often unconventional, unaccepted, or unique, they reflect the margins by which I dominate my industry, and I take those margins to the bank. A trainer who lusts for popular approval is chasing mediocrity or worse.

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