Q) What is CrossFit?

A) CrossFit is an exercise program.  We focus on functional movement (pushing, pulling, squating etc.), constant variance (aside from “bench mark workouts” used to gauge your progress, you will almost never have the exact same workout twice!) and high intensity!

We have combined body weight exercises, power lifting, Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics and “cardio” (running, jumping, rowing etc.) to make the most well rounded fitness program .   From professional athletes to grandmothers, everyone can use CrossFit to get in the best shape of their lives.  We can modify the movements and amount of weight to accommodate everyone, no matter their current level of fitness.

Q) What is a “WOD”?
A) The WOD is the Work Out of the Day.  As mentioned above, constant variance is central to our program.  Other than “benchmark workouts” used to measure our progress, we very rarely repeat the exact same workout twice.  When you first begin a new routine, you use muscles you never used before, and end up getting in shape fast (and really sore!).  However, as your new routine becomes “routine” it loses its effectiveness.  In CrossFit routine is the enemy.  The WOD is updated daily and displayed in the WOD blog!  You can see what the workout is before you come to class so you can mentally prepare for what’s in store:)

Q) What if I am new to fitness?
A) We want you! We want to make you healthier, happier and as addicted to self-improvement as we are.

Q) What is the CrossFit Introductory Course?

A) The Intro Class is mandatory for anyone interested in being a part of the Latham CrossFit program.  This class is designed to give the beginners a taste of what is to come when considering making the (awesome) choice to make CrossFit your preferred method of staying fit, healthy and strong.

This class will show you the proper techniques for most basic body weight movements and put you through a short high intensity workout.

Q) What if I am experienced? And goal oriented?
A) We want you! We are developing a strong competition team that trains for all of the local, regional and national competitions. We also have a large following of fighters, endurance athletes, and heavy lifters who supplement their sport specific training with the complete physical preparedness package that is offered by CrossFit programming.

Q) Is CrossFit safe?
A) Yes. We are the leaders in fitness safety! Why? Because our programming begins with functional – or natural – movements. Scientifically speaking, we “use universal motor recruitment patterns, from core to extremity, move the body or other object effectively and efficiently, and are multi-joint”. The number one reason why people get injured in CrossFit facilities is because they don’t listen to their bodies. Sitting, standing, running, jumping, climbing, throwing, pushing, pulling, etc… are all natural movements, but it is essential to build up intensity slowly. Too much, too soon, and any natural movement can be dangerous. So, learn excellent form, begin with a less is more attitude, listen to your bodies, listen to your coaches and have fun!

Q) But I’ve seen the CrossFit Games. How are THOSE natural movements?
A) Many of the movements used are natural. However, CrossFit is also becoming the “sport of fitness”. One of our basic tenants is that a fitness athlete must be ready for ANYTHING! So, like we scale down for the beginner, we scale up for the motivated competition minded individual.

Q) I already have a gym membership. Why would I join Latham CrossFit?
A) Local health clubs are more affordable than CrossFit gyms, however, they provide no coaching, little motivation and it feels like everyone is ‘looking’ at you – often prohibiting you from trying new stuff. So, give up your little used memberships for a highly coached, proven training experience. Say goodbye to Globo Gym!

Q) I haver a personal trainer. Why would I join Latham CrossFit?
A) Personal trainers are expensive! As a result, you visit them infrequently, and never see results. Fitness must be done several times every week, and CrossFit turns a highly coached, supportive community, into an affordable experience. Try it and you’ll see!

Q) I am a member of a boot camp. Why would I join Latham CrossFit?
A) Boot camps come closer to CrossFit than does the average health club or personal training experience. However, they don’t have elite fitness equipment, nor are they year around. At Latham CrossFit, we’ll bring our workouts outside when the weather is nice, but we have large, fully equipped facilities. No matter the weather, or the needs of the member, we make it work every day!

Q) I have been doing Insanity and/or PX90. Isn’t that just as good as CrossFit?
A) No. At home workouts like Insanity and PX90 don’t offer the equipment, coaching, motivation and community that quality CrossFit gyms do.