Summer Champion Challenge Results!

Results are in!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Latham CrossFit Summer Champion Challenge.

Information on the challenge can be found here:

So proud to see everyone improve 10-30% over these past 2 months.
(If you would like to see the breakdown of your scores please message us.)

Grand Champ: Mens: Tie between Kyle R. and Brandon H. / Womens: Miranda S.
Most Improved: Shawn F. 32% & Miranda S. 21%

100 Burpees M.I.: Angela N. 19.65%
100 Burpees Champ: Brandon H. 0:08:02

Forward Bend M.I: Jen G. 190%
Forward Bend Champ: Angela N./Brandon H./Miranda S. 5.5″

Frannie M.I: Sean F. 38%
Frannie Champ: Kyle R. 0:03:51

Juggle M.I: Brandon H. 25%
Juggle Champ: Brandon H. 0:05:00

L-Sit M.I: Brandon H. 75%
L-Sit Champ: Kyle R. 0:35:00

Mile Run M.I: Bob C. 27%
Mile Run Champ: Kyle R. 0:06:16

X-Fit Total M.I: Jen G. 12%
X-Fit Champ: Brandon H. 855lbs

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